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World Heritage Day Celebration at Baitul Meeras

World Heritage Day Celebration at Baitul Meeras

22nd May, 2022

On 22nd May, 2022, HELP Foundation organized “???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? & ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????????” at Bait ul Meeras Aali Kadal, Srinagar. The aim and objective of this event were to take our mission of preserving our art, craft and heritage including the promotion of folklore, theatre and Kashmiri language among children and youth.
The event was embraced by more than ???????????? ???????????????????????? which included Mr. Mohammad Shafi Pandit, Mr. Rafiq Khan, Mr. Zarief Ahmad Zarief, Dr. Neerja Mattoo, Mr. Rouf Tramboo, Mr. Yousuf Khan, Ms. Narjees Nawaab. The Chairperson as well as the trustee of HELP Foundation gave their love and support to the event by showing their presence.
The event was covered by different media channels. We thank everyone for their valuable time and hope to cater to even a larger audience at the next event.

We care for children, protect their welfare, and prepare them for the future.